Tuesday, 8 May 2012

In which I Encounter the Trinity.

So the other night I was sad... cry into my pillow in a hopeless and snot filled way kind of sad. I've been living a nomadic existence these past few weeks since returning from France, staying in various peoples houses and sofas and it had begun to take its toll. My clothes smelt disastrous and I was no longer 100% sure where my next toothbrush was coming from.  So, I was weeping into my pillow, feeling worn out and very very alone.

It was in the midst of this dark moment when the trinity elbowed their holy way into my sleeping bag. As I lay there the long arms of mother father yahweh wrapped around me and I knew that I was beloved daughter. Jesus was there too - ungracefully crammed in with his feet tickling my nose and of course holy spirit wrapped around us all and filled every gap in my weary soul.

That night was a picture to me of how the trinity of God works, how they are in perfect community with each other and because of Jesus we are invited to come into that unity, to be embraced by it and covered totally.

As I lay there in the embrace I had no right to experience I became so so grateful for my salvation, for the depth of relationship that is available to me through Jesus. The wonderful and unbelievable truth that I worship a God who is big enough to create the heavens yet makes himself small enough to squeeze into my sleeping bag when I need a hug.

The very second I cried out I was surrounded and shown how I am loved from the stray hair atop my head to the tips of my toes and all the way back up again.

You are too.

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