Friday, 20 September 2013

A post from the left hand side of the bed


 Much has passed since my last post, a beautiful celebration accompanied by what I am quite sure were the rains of blessing as the downpour on the day can only be described as biblical!

 A gorgeous service followed by a swinging jazz infused reception, HILARIOUS speeches and the much vaunted 'first swim' which rapidly turned into a joyful pool party. Our honeymoon was a picture, Grecian sun, private pool and villa. Wandering around ancient sites getting gently sunburned.

 We have now returned from becoming married and holidaying and are excitedly getting down to the normality of the every day. I have surprised myself by becoming even happier since returning to said normality so i'm going to write a little of the day to day beauty of a brand new marriage.

 We have a sweetie jar and read Harry potter out loud at night. We are learning to communicate in a clear and (very!) honest way. We sing loudly in the car and have a pretty house, also I am a bed hog and he leaves his clothes on the floor. We disagree over spontaneity verses planning and we both have a personal brand of crazy. Despite and because of these things we are somehow closer than ever, the mysterious and wonderful vows we spoke and the spiritual ties that bind in love seem to be working, (and its a good thing that they are because we haven't the foggiest what we're doing!)

 It's fun though. Much more fun than I was led to believe actually! I think we heard a lot about marriage being hard work (which I know is true and I'm sure will continue to get truer.) but right now it's wonderful. Living with my best friend, pretending to be grown up and then secretly eating all the marshmallows left over from the wedding! I will post more pictures soon but for now a candid, end of the night shot taken by my new auntie Jane...