Saturday, 28 April 2012


Where did it begin this love of yours? I think I saw it start, saw the way that it grew and found itself, the way that your roots wrapped themselves around each other and became somehow both distinct and indistinguishable.

I love sharing you, the way that you are generous with your love, not storing it up afraid to spill a drop but rather defined by an openness where bruised and broken people feel content to rest a while.

Your union? It is one born of many years, so much dreaming and waiting, lives beautified by patience and the possibility of something sweeter. This is the joining, the beginning. I want to write of the star spangled heavens, hung for you, the new horizons opening up, of walking forward together into the vast unknown.

 At the heart of your marriage is a great and shining adventure, a risk and a sacrifice, and the promise of togetherness for always. For you two I wish a depth of joy beyond anything you could have asked for. The grace to remain faithful to one another in the adversity you will face and the sure knowledge that you are held together by a greater love still, wrapped around and carried in it always.

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