Monday, 25 April 2016

Clara Evangeline

She arrived!! Safe and sound and only 8 days late on the 12 April at 2pm

I am extremely impressed with my body which pretty much took over like a boss and I benefitted hugely from the exceptional support team of Matt and my mum who were both fantastic, praying and cheering me on through the rough patches. I highly recommend them to anyone giving birth! 

The experience was overwhelmingly positive, in part due to gas and air, the discovery of which which made me veeerrryy happy about halfway through! unfortunately during the pushing the spirit was willing but the perineal muscle was weak and I sustained a third degree tear (nasty) so had to get rushed off to surgery for stitches soon after she was born.

I am still hobbling around feeling as though I've had an unfortunate tussle with a blender. 

Healing well though and she is an absolute delight, her little milk Dracula face after a feed absolutely makes my life.

So many things to remember from these days;

bath temperatures and car seat buckles, leaking boobs and nappies filled, blissful milk smell and baby wearing in the hard moments, eyes (slightly slanted like mine) open and taking it all in! Dinosaur shrieks and happy babbling, milk comas, floating around in the bath for the first time with a look of remembering on her wise young face. Stitches and hobbling painfully, story telling the most epic moment of my life, washing loads and laxatives, hiccoughs and babygros, teamwork on a new level and so so much more - no wonder we're exhausted!! 

she is beautiful and seems pretty laid back so far... 

Here she is..


  1. She's gorgeous rach!! What's her name?? Make sure you get a good pelvic physio once you feel better to look at ur pelvic floor sweetie. So many congrats XXXX

    1. Thanks Sarah :) yes i have a clinic appointment in August to assess the situation and will be assessed by a physio then I think. How are you?! Phoebe must be so big now!! lots of love xxx

  2. Sorry just saw her name! So lovely xxxx

  3. What a babe! So excited for you all xx

    1. Thanks Nem :) How are you? Emmie stayed this week and she told me you've brought the Tomlinator?! Love the thought of you cruising round in it!!! Miss you, would love to see you soon xxxx