Thursday, 31 March 2016


I love this time of year

Signs of Spring finally emerging, a bit of warmth back in fingers and toes.  

This morning I am taking my cup of tea by the river in my parents garden.  

We got engaged on a good Friday, and drove to Shropshire in dazzling sunshine that weekend to celebrate with family. 

Last year over Easter we made the decision to start trying for a baby, looking out over this very same river, impressed by our own nerve, it felt like jumping into the deep water, way over our heads.

And now almost exactly a year has past and our baby is imminent (if I could only manage to persuade her that coming through my ribs is not a viable exit route!) 

This morning she's elbowing me as I soak in the early morning peace, a forcible reminder that I'm about to be asked to leave this train at the next station to the resounding cry of 'all change'

I am scared of course, mainly of the uncertainty to come, the physical pain of labour and the huge changes that parenthood will inevitably bring. 

But here by the river on this almost Easter morning it's hard to be anything other than absurdly, Overflowingly grateful.

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  1. what a beautiful story of important moments happening on Easters! Thank you for sharing all of this, Rachel, I am so enjoying reading. God is writing your story, clearly, and your are his Beloved <3