Monday, 17 June 2013

Becoming a Broughton

So it is that I am Coming to terms with the big name change,

its a bizarre feeling to be contemplating this, having been a Cox for 25 years.

I like being a Cox. I know exactly what it is to be one,

and dare I say it, I am pretty damn EXCELLENT at it. We are;




Barefoot a lot


and slightly insane. 

Yet in a matter of months I will be a Broughton...

This is very exciting for a couple of obvious reasons (hot husband new signature etc)
and I've had a couple of lovely opportunities to spend time with the Broughton family recently in order to better equip myself....

On a trip to centerparcs I experienced their good natured gambling, (The winner was fittingly my soon to be father in law David, lighter pockets all round!!)

amongst other things we engaged in a Badminton battle and attempted to work canoes. I met my future niece Evie for the first time and secured her services as my flower girl.

On a more recent trip to Matts home village for a surprise birthday celebration for his uncle I was able to become more acquainted with Matts mums family who were great. They love a boogie and the 60s tunes were free flowing, We also met matts uncle who is marrying us.

Overall having carefully observed the Broughtons for the past few months I can say that I am very excited to be joining their ranks, surely one of the best parts of marriage is two families becoming one and starting something different but the same.

poor quality phone pics but gives you some idea of the fun...

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