Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What do I want? An antidote to the horror of a personal statement

I want to be FREE!!!!!

I want to be filled with the joy of my Daddy saviour all the time despite circumstances.

I want to be in the countryside, somewhere with space to just breathe.

I want to have time to run into fields and spin really really fast simply to watch the butterflies rise and take wing.

I want to always celebrate the littlest of blessings - breathing in the autumn, wearing woolly tights and cord skirts like I’ve done every fall since I can remember. Discovering rope swings and trees to climb.

I want to work somewhere where I can help people who are in need. Somewhere that allows me to spend time caring for people, steadily changing lives in a unique and God breathed way.

I want to marry a man who I love and respect, someone wise and strong enough to take our future in his hands and move forward as my equal partner.

I desire to be a wife who knows what it means to be graceful. Blessedly forgetful of my husbands past faults and loyal always. I want to believe in him even when no one else does – especially then. I want to pray with him every day of our lives - there will always be three strands pulling us through. I want to make space for our romance no matter what – love notes left in unexpected places and baths taken together after a difficult day.

I want to be an amazing mother!!! Imaginative and creative I want to be the kind of parent who lies down next to my children and gazes up at the sky just for the sake of it. I want to have wild pillow fights and build dens, talking to our heavenly father not just at night but as we move through the precious days.

I want my family to be inclusive and expansive – always exceeding our income for the sake of others and characterised by our generosity and fierce LOVE for those God puts in our path. Regardless of financial viability we will open up our home to those who need a place to be.

I want to live filled with joy, taking hold of life and embracing it and others in the way Jesus taught us to do. I want to be peaceful and not to worry about the future but stride into it hand in hand with those I love and the promise of an eternally faithful father. I want to live life to its fullest possible extent and die well, praising the God who I will be with for eternity.

pictures by i.anton (, Kathryn Krueger ( and me!


  1. I love this latest blog Rach, sounds great! I hope and pray you get all you want.

  2. Amen!! And it looks like you are finding it :) bless you! - Christine