Thursday, 8 October 2009

Some Things Remain the Same...

looking at these old photographs I came to the realisation that very little has really changed for me between the ages of two and twenty one...

My disregard for animals when it comes to having a place to recline...

My drinking habits..

(Me aged 2 with my sippy cup)

(aged 21...with my sippy cup)

And notably my Love of navy wellies....

also its hard to escape the fact that I'm giggling like a manic (most probably at my own jokes) in the pictures of me aged two this clearly hasn't changed a jot :) in fact probably the only thing which has changed is my hair colour!!


  1. you look SO much like your Dad in the giggly two year old one! Love you kid, you are as adorable at twenty one as at two x x x

    (shame about the hair colour :p oh well we all have trials... )

  2. Love it! Don't ever change!! :)