Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Season of Right Doubt


We Recently saw my gorgeous nephews at my brothers 30th birthday celebrations! Love watching them play together, Clara learned to clap from Josh and watching him motor around started her on the crawling track..!

She is now officially on the move, meaning nothing is safe...especially the Christmas tree.

Term at Cambridge is finished so our mornings have slowed down a bit as we take time to enjoy the advent season. This year I am using this collection of poems to reflect...

Something striking me at the moment is the idea of advent as 'The season of right doubt' this is from the poem 'November Sonnet' by Elizabeth Jennings. The thought behind this is that it is necessary to embrace darkness and doubt as part of our spiritual journey, especially in the run up to Christmas when the world is dark and cold. In so doing we are able to look to the Joy and light that accompanies Jesus coming.

This week we heard deeply saddening news, Diane who was our friend and the vicar at St Phillips, (our sending church) has unexpectedly died. So we are celebrating her life and are encouraged by the promise of Jesus returning when we shall see her again. She was amazingly faithful and especially loved the season of advent and Christmas, she understood better then anyone the promise of more to come, I know she is with him now in glory.

Every blessing as the advent season continues.

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