Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Invisible Umblical

My little one is sick
and I am much too tired for nightmares,
but leagues away my mum wakes up 
a cold sweat all about her. 

Worried on my babes behalf,
 a child once removed,
The spooling thread of mother love
 stretched farther than she'd choose. 

We used to be so close, you see, 
our heartbeats knit together, 
but now I face the world alone
 even when I'm near her.

And it's the same for her, 
at seven months she feels it strong, 
turns around to check on me,
 a seconds parting is too long.

I look at her my tiny girl, 
so peaceful in her slumber, 
Will I wake up some day I think
 worried for her daughter? 

So time turns and turns again
as daughter becomes mother
hearts expand to its refrain
stretching yet still further.


I wrote this when Clara was poorly last month, its still a little rough around the edges but I wanted to share.

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