Wednesday, 12 October 2016

6 Months of Mama

So, Clara Evangeline, what are you into at the grand old age of six months? 

Firstly you are the most alert, curious and inquisitive baby I have ever met, you look at things as if you are already trying to work out how to take them apart. Even strangers in restaurants comment about this and your long hard stare has been known to stop people in their tracks 

You don't always smile straight away but when you do, you do it with your whole being, and the room lights up.

Your favourite song is currently the grand old duke of York and you flap your arms to it in a hilarious way, actually arm flapping is your general way of signalling total enthusiasm and approval. 

In the mornings you shriek excitedly about life and sound a bit like a cross between a pterodactyl and a cat with its tail trapped in a door, I have learned to love this noise even at 6:am.

Your favourite toy is currently your heuristic play box which has all sorts of interesting textures in it for you to explore. (You had a thing for the purple hippo for a while but you're over it) you also have a penchant for cramming your bath time flannel in your mouth whilst completely ignoring your 'official' bath toys. 

We swim together every week which you love, you kick and splash your arms madly (I've taken to wearing my goggles) and are pretty happy to get dunked under by your over enthusiastic parent.

You can roll over and sit up by yourself, and are desperate to crawl. You weigh a whopping 20 pounds, are extremely long legged and have two marvelous teeth. You've always eaten well and It has been a total joy breastfeeding you. You have also just started eating proper food and so far devour everything in your path.

This month you held your hands up to me to be picked up for the first time, I melted on the floor.

We've dragged you along everywhere with us this summer (as you might expect!) Camping, festivals, the beach,  swimming, long car journeys, weddings and tons and tons of new people. All the things we've done you've taken in your stride with your characteristic calm. I am so grateful for that.

You adore your dad and watching the two of you together is my hands down favourite thing to do, he sings you silly songs and gives you upside down eskimo kisses which makes you laugh like crazy. 

In short you are the most incredible human I know and I love being your mama. 

As for me..

Six months after birthing this 8 pounder I am feeling really well. I am physically almost as good as new, which after a bad tear is nothing short of miraculous (props to my surgeon).  My body is back to something resembling normal and I even taught myself to run over the summer and can now do 5k!

I really am loving being a mum. Clara is changing all the time (size routine interests etc)  so in some ways it feels like running really fast on a treadmill that keeps accelerating. This is completely exhausting and mind boggling and inexpressibly wonderful.

All in all I am so grateful for this little girl and the journey we are on as a family.

I'll finish with her monthly mug shots (or should I say rug shots?!) 

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