Thursday, 21 May 2015

Loosing sight of land

We are on the move...

In July we are relocating to Cambridge where Matt will begin ordination training and I...

well truthfully I'm not quite sure what I'll do yet, 

Unfortunately most of my nearest and dearest have developed a somewhat morbid interest in exactly what my life will look like after the move.

personal preference would be to wonder the time worn streets soaking up by proxy all the extra intelligence floating around, taking a few nice pictures and writing this sorely neglected blog. 

But in reality I will seek to find myself gainful employment, preferably in a nursery or school with the forest school values which i have come to love. 

After an 8 year stint in Sheffield it will be a shock to the system to call somewhere else home so we are trying to leave well, taking time to hand responsibilities over and give extra long notice to our jobs.

This is all very well but I have the feeling that nothing will prepare us fully for the day in late July when we will wave off the moving van, cram ourselves into  the Yaris and leave for the next three years.

Until then I will probably be bursting into tears randomly, beginning to pack ridiculously early and upping the free minutes on my phone contract in preparation for the inevitable long catch up sessions!

I know that dear friends will remain exactly that, regardless of the distance but it is a sobering thought that we will need to establish a new home and community. 

Sir Francis Drakes beautiful poem encourages me yet again and all I can hope is that as we Loose sight of the land we may find the stars.

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