Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hills (a valentines day post of sorts)

We went for a ten-mile bike ride around a local reservoir recently, Matt effortlessly coasting,

me not so much.

All was well until near the end when we came to a hill, otherwise known as the last straw for my aching muscles.

I dismounted and began the upward push. In response to my plight, Matt left his bike at the top of the hill and ran back to where I was and rode my bike to the top for me.

This happened twice before we hit a good downhill stretch.

When we were finally heading homewards I had a chance to reflect on this grace, a picture of the greater heavenly love extended to me, the load bearing, big hearted grace of our saviour.

Marriage is an imperfect window into this love, but still so much light comes through it.

I recently read an article written by John Comer, where he commented how often we enter into marriage with the goal of happiness and how often this is met with disappointment and resentfulness. 

He suggests that the real purpose of marriage is as a context for the following;


Aren’t these things enough to ask of another beautiful and flawed human being, without expecting them to be saviour as well?

In his wedding speech Matt promised me; 

  ‘ A life of risk and adventure, 
a life of family and home, a life where we pursue Jesus first.’

 I am loving being on the hilly but beautiful journey of learning how to do just that.

          (A rainbow we saw on our cycle ride)


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