Sunday, 14 April 2013


My 29th of March went a little something like this....

He provided the snackrels (he knows the way to my heart is cheeseballs)

 I was maybe a little late....

I, fresh from work bounded cheerfully into the room not quite computing the solemn intensity of the moment.

Matt hastily dropped to one knee in the traditional style, I (in a somewhat less traditional style) demanded to know what was happening.

 Luckily for me he still proposed!

We then drove out to the peaks in A sneakily borrowed car and went stargazing in the snow!!

It was beautiful and crazy and I can't actually remember what I said as its kind of blurry now!!

 (apparently it was a yes though!)

The ring belonged to my great grandmother and was her engagement ring almost 100 years previously

We have now been engaged for a little over two weeks and I am enjoying it immensely, Its so exciting to be planning together and dreaming about future, Matt is an excellent wedding planning pal as he is organised and good at big picture which gives me plenty of time to think about important things like daisies and bunting.

He's gone to Norway with work this week so we've been instant chatting each other like we're 14, I miss him like he's a limb.

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