Wednesday, 28 December 2011

settling in

I'm gradually getting used to a very different way of life in the land where aged 75 you receive a free lift pass to ski – (slightly better deal than a bus pass) and the kids are dragged around in sleds instead of pushchairs. To state the obvious it is extremely beautiful. I work for a family who own a chalet that they built from the ground up. On a good day I get to stack wood and bake cakes and generally pretend to be an alpine housewife and on a bad one I am painfully aware that I am a university graduate with no real life plan cleaning toilets for a living (very nice toilets but that’s not the point!). However for every one of those moments there is ten where I am blown away by the beauty around me, the mountains that surround on every side reminding me of Gods plan for my life. On days like that I want to stay here forever.
The community here is interesting. There’s a lot of people running away from things and others who do seasons as a way of life. The crowd is quickly shifting with tourists coming through and even seasonnairs coming and going as they break various ligaments and have to be quickly replaced...
Which brings me to skiing!!! Being on the slopes is amazing I love the sociable aspect of getting to know people chatting on the lifts and skiing with them, I’m gradually working out who its wise to follow off piste and who to avoid following altogether. Not loads of news so far but i'll write again soon.

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  1. Miss you Rach, from another university graduate with no life plan xx