Friday, 16 July 2010


This is my crazy cousin Ruth...(she's also Australian but that's by the by!)

when I was 10 she taught me how to french braid my hair

and now she's imparting the wisdom of a good pot of Jam...

Raspberry Jam

half fruit and half sugar
and a lemon cut up and added to help thicken
heat the fruit til gloopy
heat the sugar in the oven
add the sugar to the Jam
wait to thicken, to test this freeze a plate and dribble some of the jam onto it
then put it in the fridge for a minute. Push finger through the jam and if it
appears pretty solid its ready (eat sample)
add to jars!

voila, extremely delicious Jam, we also made Strawberry and rhubarb (my personal fave) and Gooseberry!

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