Thursday, 15 April 2010


'Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common interests and goals'

So, community is something which has always been extremely precious to me. I've been blessed exponentially with some truly amazing groups of people around me at every phase in my life. I recently found something I wrote back in 2008 centered around my most faithful and enduring community of all and thought I would share it.

My Family

We strip down and jump in random rivers, splashing and dam building even when its freezing; it's all about the adventure.

We go on wildly long and exhausting walks and then collapse into a vat of tea. In the evenings we play games and sing until we're too tired to continue.

We eat together, well and often.

We share bathwater, each others children and anything in-between.

But most importantly, my family is expansive, open to anyone who needs to be in it,
everyone is welcome as our joy is deepened by that of others.

(pictures from a recent week spent in lovely Wales!)

I have come to the conclusion that for a community to be truly successful it must be genuinely open to not only accepting, but loving new people. Only in this complete openness can we remain refreshed and challenged, and live glorifying our saviour.

I hope that I will always be inspired to always live my life like this.

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